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A gallery of the Internet's most amusing and subversive sites:


CorporateMF: Like we were the only ones to think of the name? Band/performance art group from Chicago.

nyrock: Music, baby, music!

Subversive Activities The one, the only news source for what's important and what's not. Unbridled subversiveness and gayness on the commuter train! Beats any headhunter site because, better than finding you a job, it tells you when you're going to be fired. Our favored office supply store. You WILL obey! Calling attention to an important issue in today's society. Your favorite corporations and their sins.

Adbusters: Culture-jamming at its finest. "A Corporate Fable." Lovely satire.

Reverend Jen: It's good to be young and insane.

NoBoJo: A look inside the wacky world of Bob Jones University.

News and Satire

nerdworld: Nerds? Us? I dunno, maybe if we link them, they'll list our site. Or at least spare us when they take their revenge.

Something Awful: Is actually probably the funniest of all E/N sites. Lowtax skewers those with Web skills and grips on reality less than those of the Corporate Mofo staff.

The Onion: "America's Finest News Source." How can we argue?

Brokennewz: Your Web site doesn't work. It's broken! No TV party tonight! Come back 2 weeks. Check out the site design. Cool art.

The Toque: The world leader in Canadian satire, eh? Got any Labatt's?

kuro5hin: "Corrosion." It's cool!



Bunsella Films: The most disturbing flash animation on the Web. . . Disturbing because it's TRUTH, baby, TRUTH!

Concrete Horizon: Nat Weber's Web 'zine. You do know who Nat Weber is, don't you?

Wil Wheaton: Yeah, the guy who played Wesley Crusher. What can we say? He has a way with leeches.

College and the Art of Partying: Mark Dye's book on doing the obvious.

AmazeFilms: Distributors of the highly-acclaimed "Short Series". From Academy Award-winners to cult classics, the "Short Series" contains some of the most entertaining short films on a home video collection.

e-pint: For when you can't be at the bar!

Fuzz and Zapper: Not sure what it is, but it's scary!


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